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What makes your booth better?

We do not sacrifice quality for speed. Out booths all use professional grade Cannon Cameras and Professional Lighting, so that you have the best quality images.

Our Bulb booth can handle 80 sessions per hour or 160 prints ( if printing doubles) This is 3-4 times the industry standard, very important question to ask when looking for a photo booth company with any event over 50.

Our booth is a Cadillac compared to their stuffy Gremlin. We took our time to customize every part of our booth. We take great bride in our booths, not something we threw together in our garage, or an eye sore EZ- UP tent that we made on the weekend.

When is the final payment due?

All payments are due 30 days prior to the event date. if full payment has not been received by the due date your event booking may be canceled. If you need to as a last resort we can work out a payment plan with you monthly on a credit card. We would rather have you pay like that then not be able to have something this great at your event.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Only the best Cannon Cameras. We also use a high end professional flash/lighting system that helps to soften the guests skintone so that every photo looks amazing. Our Printers hold 700 photos.

Do you require a damage deposit?

No, but if our booth is damaged by your guests your credit card may be charged accordingly (see contract). If the photo booth is set up outdoors we will provide an EZ-UP Tent in questionable weather conditions.

Does our rental include a booth attendant?

Yes, our company prides itself on encouraging your guests to join in on the photo booth fun. A Professionally dressed, friendly attendant(s) will be present during the entire photo booth experience period to ensure you and your guests maximize your photo booth experience. If you select a prop package, which we feel is a must have, we will encourage all your guests to try on silly hats, wigs, sunglasses and more.

Do you have any suggestions on choosing an area for the booth?

We recommend that you try and position the photo booth as close to the action as possible. No matter where you put the photo booth it becomes our top priority to ensure all guests know its there and enjoy it all night long! The surface must be level & solid.

When will I recieve my disc of all event images?

We will review your disc that night, if we are able to we will give you the disc or flash drive that night. If not we are going to have it sent in the mail the following business day.

What happens if a guest takes an inappropriate picture?

We do review all of your pictures before posting them to the web gallery. However, if we do miss something that you do not want online we can remove it very quickly.

How much power does the booth need?

Client is responsible for ensuring a 110V, 10 amps, 3 prong power outlet. We provide extentions cords. To keep it plain and simple, a standard wall outlet.

What if I Don't Need it for 4/5 Hours?

We recommend at least 3 hours as the minimum time to get full enjoyment from the booth.

Do you offer weekday discounts?

Yes, please contact us today to discuss your weekday event and to receive a price quote.

Can I choose Black & White or Color

Yes you can choose before the event.

So what makes your company different?

At SnapBooth we pride ourselves on being interactive with your guests, at our own wedding our booth attendant just sat there the whole time. This is what we love to do; our attendants are all very friendly and will actually get grandma off her chair to get in the booth. Bottom line is we care, we are not another boring company, we are there to start the party and make your night unforgettable.

Feel free to read all our reviews on our home page.

We have hosted over 1000 events!

We have won awards with Wedding Wire, The Knot, Arizona Brides Magainze

How many people fit in your booth?

Well letís just say we have had been known to cram as many as 7-8 bridesmaids in our booth, and thatís what makes it more fun. We take great pride of having an actual Photo Booth that is the biggest in the industry. The more people in the booth laughing and having a good time will ensure we are the life of the party. Wait until all the groomsman fit into the booth and go and show the picture around its almost like it sparks a light under people to want to go out and take funnier pictures, and when you get your copy of the DVD , YOU WILL LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Can we choose the color of the back ground?

Our Bulb booth we will have Red, Ivory and Black. Just ask for some samples. We are always coming up with new colors also.

What is your deposit policy?

A non-refundable retainer in the amount of $500.00 is due to secure date. The remaining amount is due 30 days in advance of the clientís event. If client has not paid balance in full 7 days prior to event, the client will forfeit non-refundable retainer and all moneys paid to provider after reasonable attempts by provider through phone & email. If client is paying by credit card, client agrees to have provider charge clients credit card for payment of services.

Any request for a date, time or location change must be made in writing at least thirty days in advance of the original date of signed contract. If sent through mail it must be certified. Change is subject to photo booth availability and receipt of a new service contact. If there is no availability for the alternate date, time or location, the non refundable retainer shall be forfeited and event canceled. Any cancellation occurring less than thirty days prior to the event date shall forfeit all payments received.

So why a Photo Booth at our event?

Ask yourself what you ate at the last wedding you went to? Do you remember? How about there cake what flavor was it? You spend your whole life planning for this day and at the end there are two things you have to remember: Memories and Photos. Our service provides both, just think years from now you will have pictures of who matters most to you: Your family and friends. That to us is priceless, and why SnapBooth was created.

Do you offer a Payment Plan

That is a great question, based upon your event date we would be happy to give you some payment plan options, just ask!

How long does it take for the pictures to be posted on snapbooth.com?

All of your pictures will be uploaded within 48 hours after your event.

Smugmug will start hosting our images and all will be password protected.

What is the LCD booth?

Glad you asked- The LCD booth features a 27" LCD screen so that you can play a slideshow. Once we are half way through the event we will pre-screen then load the pictures of the guests on the monitor. We only have a limited number of LCD booths.

What is the most people that have been in the photo booth?

We have had 8 adults in the booth, yes actually crammed in the booth, not sticking there heads in. We have also fit 10 kids in our photo booth, with props as well!

How much is required for my inital investment?

We require a $500 retainer as your initial investment to formally book your event date. This can be paid in check, cash, or credit card.

What is the most prints you have done in an hour?

With our newest "Wireless Remote Prints" feature we are able to preset the booth wirelelsey before the guests enter so that if a group of 5 go in we print 5 photos, 7 guests, 7 photos, etc

We have hosted a high school event and maxed out at 230 Prints in one hour! This is not always the case, but it shows how fast our boots are.

We had 50 groups in that hour with an average of 5 students per session.

How large is the booth?

We take pride in the size and unsurpassed quality and construction of our photo booths, ensuring more guests will fit in our booths than the average photo booth out there. The Bulb is a stand up booth, and can fit anywhere a person can walk. We are the only company that can fit anywhere! Just ask.




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